Reasons to see Dr. Anthony Marsh Chiropractor

Seeing Anthony Marsh DO of New Jersey has more benefits than just reducing pain in the back or neck. As you see the benefits for your own health, you will be encouraged to set up regular appointments with Dr. Anthony Marsh. The goal is to space out the appointments so that you don’t have issues returning because of too much time passing since your last adjustments.

Sometimes, you have gone the route of other forms of treatment. You didn’t get much results from them. You don’t like the side effects or the expensive medications. You don’t like the idea of an expensive and risky surgery. Plus, there is the time involved for the recovery from such a surgery to think about too.

Chiropractic care in New Jersey can be an alternative way to successfully manage your needs. For most patients, such procedures are both safe and they are effective. The results will very based on a person’s needs. Dr. Anthony Marsh medical doctor will do all he can to fully assess your needs and to create a plan of action to help you to achieve optimum results.

Break Dependency on Painkillers

Trying to get through the day can be tough due to chronic pain. Reaching for pain medication is all too common in today’s society. While such medication can block the pain, it doesn’t solve the issue. The body will build up a tolerance to the medication, causing the user to take more of it than before. They may experience an array of adverse side effects from such medication use.

Dr. Anthony Marsh chiropractor can offer an all-natural solution. It can lower the use of painkillers because it is helping to combat the problem. It can also be a good resource from the start so that someone doesn’t get on that path to abusing pain medication from the beginning.

Chronic Headaches

There is no reason to try to live with chronic headaches. They can stop you in your tracks. They can range in frequency and severity but they shouldn’t be ignored. Through the services of Anthony Marsh DC, it is possible to see improvements. Most patients will experience fewer headaches. When they do occur, they don’t last as long as before and they aren’t as intense as they used to be. Setting up regular appointments with Dr. Anthony Marsh will greatly improvement your chronic headaches.

Fight Fatigue

Struggling to control various health ailments can be a tough road. One of the common symptoms many of them have in common is fatigue. This can make it hard to get through the day and to perform routine tasks. It can make it hard to participate in extra activities too. Often, chiropractic patients feel rejuvenated after visiting Osteopathic Medicine Pain & Rehabilitation Institute in West New York.


There are many different types of injuries a person may suffer at any given point in time. This can be a fall, an incident at work, a vehicle accident, or some type of trauma. It can take quite a toll on the body. Getting everything properly aligned again is very important. Dr. Anthony Marsh medical doctor will be able to help with the healing process and reducing pain. Such care may be combined with physical therapy to help you get stronger if necessary.

Reduce Pain

Being able to reduce or eliminate pain is a top reason to see a chiropractor. The pressure on the spine can affect many areas of the body. The central nervous system plays a role in many areas of the body most people aren’t aware of. When it is aligned properly, this can result in relief for those problem areas. Seeing a specialist like Anthony Marsh DO you can manage the pain for the long term.

In addition to the pain, some patients have burning sensations or tingling. They may have areas that are numb. This can be due to pain, loss of range of motion, and more. Such symptoms often occur in the arms and the legs. When such areas are adjusted, that can allow proper blood flow to them again. As a result, the symptoms will improve.

Sleep Better

It is hard to do well during the day when you didn’t get enough sleep. Pain, stress, and just not feeling like yourself can all interrupt sleep patterns. With the help of chiropractic care from Dr. Anthony Marsh of New Jersey, you will be able to sleep better. This is going to make a huge impact about how you feel when it is time to get up the following day.

Strengthen your Immune System

Being healthy isn’t something to take for granted. You don’t want to rely on luck to ensure you can stay on that road. With regular appointments seeing Anthony Marsh DO, your immune system will become stronger. This can help you to have an additional defense against health issues. If you are recovering from a weak immune system, it can also help to boost it. Then you will be able to recover in less time.

Stress Control

Getting a handle on your stress is key for a healthy balance in life. Yet when you do have stress that takes a toll on you, getting help through chiropractic adjustments with Anthony Marsh DC may be the right answer. Stress can cause pain and discomfort, and that only further compounds the issues you are facing. When you feel your best, you can focus on finding solutions and working through the stress.

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